Perth Fashion Bloggers joining in the Garage Sale Trail fun with their own Bloggers Garage Sale

We all know that one of the perks to being a fashion blogger is being sent things from companies who want you to promote their wares. Stuff. Free stuff. But stuff all the same. And I think most of us can empathise with the potential result: TOO. MUCH. STUFF.

I am not a fashion blogger but I can certainly relate to the problematic situation of accumulating too many clothes and the subsequent question of what to then do with them when I have fallen out of love with them/ they no longer fit/ suit/ feel right for me, but they still have a lot of love to give. 

Well, these prominent Perth Bloggers have come together to take advantage of this weekend’s Garage Sale Trail with a fashion resale event like no other. Their event, the Blogger Garage Sale, held at the Banks Reserve Pavilion in Mt Lawley, was organised by Adelle Pick of Where The Styled Things Are

“All of us have massive wardrobes we need to get rid of. We’ve been trying for ages to do a garage sale together but nothing ever eventuated. The Garage Sale Trail popped up and we thought; what a good opportunity to get everyone together and sell it all.”

In addition to Pick, the Bloggers brought together are Monique Ceccato of Little Miss Mon Bon, Izzy Smith of Izzy Wears, Jenelle Witty of Inspiring Wit, Emily Suresh of She Does and Marnie Stella of Wanderlust Coconut. There was a great mix of items on offer including sports luxe, shoes, accessories, sunglasses, handbags, vintage, fast- and high-end fashion and denim… SO MUCH DENIM! It was a fashion lovers paradise!

Eager shoppers waiting outside prior to the Blogger Garage Sale

Prior to doors opening at 9am, the line was already extending well into the courtyard. When asked how the day began, Monique Ceccato replied, “It was so busy! There was a line up which is crazy and it’s gone really really well, better than any other sale that I have tried to do separately or alone.” Ceccato said she was keen to be involved because as a group, they had more power to bring in the buyers. [Keep an eye on this Editor’s IG @mythriftshift to see a beautiful See By Chloe item that “fell” into her hands from Ceccato’s collection. She may or may not also still be regretting not buying the yellow sandals…]

Marnie Stella of Wanderlust Coconut agrees. “There’s been a lot of shoppers, especially first up. We had a big cue this morning so it was great to see people interested in our stuff.”

Jenelle Witty of Inspiring Wit says, “I think it’s really exciting to see so many people coming out and wanting to buy preloved or things that other people just don’t get a chance to wear as much. It’s pretty surprising how many people have come through already. And so good to see people leaving happy with some pieces that I loved but I wasn't going to get around to wearing.” [Jenelle’s preloved range of Ellery left this Editor slightly lighter in the wallet, but oh so happy.]

When asked why she wanted to be involved with the Bloggers Garage Sale, Izzy Smith of Izzy Wears replied, “I’ve done a few markets before. This is probably my fifth market and I love seeing my clothes go to people that really love them. I still love my clothes but I just don't have either space or time to wear them. So it’s nice seeing it go to other people that are like “Oh, I can’t wait to wear this to my wedding” or “I’m going on holiday in the bahamas”.

Interestingly, every one of the Bloggers we spoke to admitted they, themselves enjoy the secondhand shopping experience. Says Witty, “I used to vintage shop all the time and go through op shops. I don’t have enough time right now, sadly. But it is such a good way to find amazing pieces. There’s a couple of things here that are vintage that I bought years ago. They’re beautiful and oh, the quality! They just don’t make them like that anymore. The quality of the fabrics was so good back in the day. Now, you have to spend so much money to get the equivalent.”

But, as Emily Suresh of She Does wisely warns, “I used to buy a LOT of secondhand but I’ve got too many things now so I’m really trying to be more conscious of what I buy and not to just randomly buy things because they’re cheap. I like to think about my purchasing a lot more now.”

And Pick offers this advice to secondhand shoppers: “Try it on because this is how I’ve ended up with all this stuff. I didn't try anything on!”

Smith adds: “When I shop secondhand I always look for coats, jackets and denim. They’re my go-tos. I don't really buy trend driven, low quality or fast fashion. I always go for corduroy or denim.  The problem with fast fashion is it can be trashy. It’s hard because you want to stay on top of the trends but at the same time if you’re throwing your clothes away to landfill, they just sit there and pollute our earth.”

As for today’s sale, even unsold items will not be sent off to live out their days in a non-decomposable environment. Definitely not. “Anything that I don't sell today is going to be donated to Zonta House which is a women’s refuge.” says Pick of her extensive range of athleisure and sports luxe garments. “I’m hoping they get a lot of use out of it too.”

When asked if they would do another market like this one, every Blogger replied enthusiastically in the affirmative. “100%” (Smith) “In a heartbeat” (Ceccato). Hopefully we see another Blogger resale event on our calendar again soon.

Taking responsibility to do something proactive with our waste, whatever form that takes, is a sure-fire way for us to do better by our people and our planet. Using their collective influence to sell some of their clothes and promote the circular fashion economy is a great way that these particular Perth Bloggers have chosen to do their part so congratulations to everyone involved. It’s great to see.

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