Review: Bindaring Clothing Sale 2018

If I was ever in any doubt (which I always am) that there aren't enough buyers of secondhand out there in Perth, then this morning's annual Bindaring Clothing Sale for the Red Cross Australia at Claremont Showgrounds has corrected me of the notion.

For the uninitiated, the single biggest fundraising event on the Red Cross Australia calendar happens right here in Perth on the third Saturday in May every year. The event has been running for 55 years and began back in 1963 when 5 ladies held the inaugural Bindaring Clothing Sale from out of their garage on Bindaring Parade in Claremont to raise money for the very worthy charity. To date, they have raised well in excess of $2 million.

In addition to the well known blood service, the Red Cross provides outreach calls to isolated elderly, emergency shelters, meals to the homeless and breakfasts for school kids around Australia and many more services that make it a great charity beneficiary of this brilliant sale.

So back to the event! I've learnt from years past that the early bird certainly gets the Gucci so it was still pitch black when I rocked up this morning at 6am, no less. I was not first and I did not expect to be! I was actually 7th in line but with the vastly entertaining ladies in front of me, the next 3 hours of waiting went swiftly with loads of shared stories and experiences of the ghosts of Bindaring past. 

The cause for the cue was the desirable destination called The Designer Edit. Tucked away at the back of the high end Boutique section of the sale, lies the epitome of designer wear ranging from Givenchy to Chanel: from Hermes to McQueen, some names more than worthy of the wait and the ensuing running race to the front of the (yes, second) cue. There are only limited bodies allowed in this section at a time (for good reason) and being one of the first was strangely gratifying! I'm not, by nature, competitive but the relative calm of The Designer Edit really was enjoyable!

I made my purchases with relative ease (you can visit my Instagram if you'd like to see what I bought, I'd kept myself to a budget I was comfortable with and then made my way out to the bag check area where you must leave your purchases from one area before proceeding to another. Back into the high end Boutique section I went with no intention of further purchases (my budget had been met, after all!) but to browse and chat to the surprising number of patrons whom I knew! Ah, the common support of preloved brings us all together. *happy face*

After a venture through the Emporium section where one can enjoy a vintage and eclectic mix of clothes, accessories, bags and shoes, I headed off completely satisfied with my day. I didn't linger for the results of the Silent Auction although the winners of such would have been delighted, I have no doubt.

A great and enthusiastic "THANK YOU" must go out to all the volunteers who have tirelessly put in countless hours to make this event such an extraordinary success! Bindaring, once again you have outdone yourself and to everyone involved - volunteers, generous businesses and their donations and ALL those who came out to shop - I say WELL DONE! Shopping preloved is alive and well in Perth!

Photo credit: Bindaring Instagram


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