On the 19th of May, Claremont Showground (Robinson Pavillion) will host the annual Red Cross Bindaring Clothing Sale. Over 200 volunteers and thousands of shoppers come together to raise money for this extremely worthy cause. Perth has hosted the Bindaring Sale for the last 55 years, turning it into the Red Cross's single biggest fundraiser in Australia - over $2 million has been raised since the inception in 1963!

There's something for everyone at this colossal sale - opshop, retro, vintage, designer: mens, womens and children. The first year that I went, I found it incredibly overwhelming. The Opshop area is overflowing with bargains to rummage through but well organised with one way in and one way out. Be aware that there are bag checking processes that need to be adhered to for understandable reasons and you won't be able to take shopping bags inside.

If the Boutique is your goal, let me say one thing: BE EARLY! This was my direct objective last year and it was entirely worth the wait when I scored a pair of Prada loafers and a Chloe handbag for a combined whopping $80. Thriftscore! The thrill of the thrift continues. The change rooms are a nightmare to get to as you see so many shoppers heading in there with armloads of loot. My advice: wear a singlet and a skirt so you can just whip on and off your try-ons without bothering with the change rooms and your dignity intact! Also, slip on shoes.

For the luxury designer lovers, be sure to hit the Designer Edit section found in a separate area at the back of the Boutique. Prices start at $99 but I saw all your favourites there last year - Chanel, Gucci, Givenchy, Louis Vuitton, YSL, Lanvin and so many more. Only a limited amount of shoppers are allowed in this exclusive section at a time and the line doesn't get smaller. Have credit card at the ready.

Overall, Bindaring is a really fun day. Take some friends and tackle the Opshop together or hit the Retro/ Vintage Emporium to discover your creative side: wistfully admire all the designer pieces in the Boutique or enjoy the calm luxury of the Designer Edit exclusivity. Whatever takes your fancy, shop all day knowing your fundraising dollars are going to help the Red Cross community services in your beautiful country. Every secondhand piece you take home didn't use any virgin resources and has been rescued not only from landfill but also from overseas export where our discarded garments damage local textile economies. Shopping preloved is great for the environment, great for the charity and great for the hip pocket. Viva la Revolution!


x Julie

Julie Leslie