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Hello dear readers!

You may be wondering where I've been? It has been a while since my last update so to bring you up to speed on this relaxing Saturday night, I thought I'd check in with a little post.

Edition 1 of Circular Style Magazine is coming along nicely. We are just about ready to head to the printers to bring this little independent publication to life. As with anything, the sailing has been anything but smooth, what with delays, creative additions, more delays and the inevitable interference of, you know, life!

However, I'm really delighted with how things are shaping up. The contributions of all our friends and colleagues in this beautiful space we call ethical fashion cannot be faulted. There are some truly breathtaking stories out there. Of course, there's no way we could tell them all in one publication, but we have to start somewhere and I'm sure the collective stories will steam roll in no time and we can build on our fantastic community. Turning people on to an alternative way to approach their fashion is what we're all about, right? I must admit, it's extremely gratifying anytime someone says to me that they have tuned right in to secondhand/ vintage/ sustainable , op shopping, renting, or any other replacement for fast fashion. And it's happening more and more! Keep those stories coming folks!

You may also notice that we are a very proud media partner to Fremantle's own Eco Fashion Week Australia 2018 to be held in November (check the Events Page for dates). This incredible event will be bringing together some of the most exciting designers and opportunities in sustainable fashion from around the globe, right here to Perth and we are GOSH DARNED EXCITED about it, can you tell? Thank you to everyone involved with EFWA2018 for the opportunity to be involved.

I'll be off to Melbourne soon to explore the possibility of a Melbourne edition of Circular Style. Feel free to email me on if you have any not-to-be-missed businesses in Melbourne-town. You know the drill: preloved, consignment, opshops, sustainable, ethical. Melbourne does vintage so very well: bit excited about that too, just quietly!

To those of you following along at home, thanks for being with us. Our magazine will be available very soon and we hope you find it to be the circular fashion go-to guide we are aiming for. Please feel free to add your details to our subscription page and you can be first to know about any updates. Let us keep you in the loop - geddit?

Oh dear, Saturday night just caught up with me.....

Stay Circular Folks