Meet the Circular Style Team


Julie Leslie - Editor In Chief

Julie is a passionate secondhand shopper who loves the "thrill of the thrift". Be it op shops, consignment stores, online or clothes swaps, Julie has partaken of them all to build an almost entirely preloved wardrobe. She considers herself a "collector" of vintage and designer fashion but for a fraction of retail prices.

In fact, Julie enjoys shopping so much, she created a shopping tour of some of Perth's best designer consignment boutiques - Shopportunity Knocks Perth to introduce others to this vibrant and eclectic scene.

In addition to shopping, Julie teaches dance, enjoys pilates, camping and traveling with her small family. The "Leslie Lot" even spent 4 and a half months traveling Australia in a caravan several years ago where Julie blogged every day for their family blog, The Pajubo Papers.


Jenny Jacobs - Executive Editor

Meet Jenny soon.....

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Zoe Carabine - Creative Director

Zoe is an Irish girl that has been living in Perth for the last 10 years. She loves all things fashion, makeup and glamour and has a passion for making women of all ages shapes and sizes feel like their most beautiful selves!

When the opportunity to be involved with Circular Style presented itself she jumped at the chance. Being able to feel your best and look fantastic at discounted prices....who could say no to that?! 

When Zoe is not working she loves travel, food, spending time with family and friends and sunshine!


Sylvia Bogdanowski - Creative Contributor and Stylist

Sylvia is a fashion stylist trained at the Australian Style Institute. Sylvia styles both men and women, in the Perth area and surrounds. Her specialty lies in transformational styling, which is more than just fashion and shopping - it’s about a real human connection and truly understanding her clients styling and fashion needs. Sylvia has a keen eye for fashion and an even keener eye for thrifting, which began a little over two years ago. After feeling the thrill of the thrift, Sylvia hasn’t looked back and has found some amazing designer, second hand pieces that she will treasure and wear for life.


Katey Harris - Sustainability & Digital Editor

Katey Harris is the founder and owner of Mercado 32, a curated recycling boutique.  Originally from Arizona, U.S.A, Katey has called Perth home since 2012.  Drawing on years of experience with secondhand in the U.S, she opened Mercado 32 in 2015 to bring her vision of modern, eclectic, and beautiful secondhand to the local community. 

Katey believes fashion should be accessible and kind to all - from farmers, to seamstresses, to consumers.  Its a beautiful industry full of magic and wonder that touches all aspects of our lives, and she believes the time has well come for the dark side of it to come to light so we can push for positive changes. 

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Julie Di Camillo - Photographer

Julie has always had a love affair with photography, capturing her family, friends and landscapes though she never had a great camera or the time to devote to photography. Although dancing is Julie’s great love second only to her family, she needed something else just for herself and decided it was time to learn photography. Through friends she met David who became her teacher, close friend and mentor and together they were amazing. David taught Julie everything about photography and brought her dreams to life. She began photographing her friends, students and the incredible coastline and sunsets of her current home in Perth. When she received so many compliments on her photography, she couldn’t believe it and so was further inspired. Julie had support from her family and her dream came true on a trip to Italy for two months to photograph her favourites spots. Julie’s passion came fully alive.....landscapes, portraits, fashion, action, faces; she loves it all as long as it’s creative photography with imagination.

Vicki headshot.jpg

Vicki Brayshaw - Photographer

Born in New Zealand, Vicki had travelled to various parts of the world before spending a year living in London.  When it was time to leave, she decided to settle and call Perth home.

Photography has always been a great hobby for Vicki but in the past couple of years she has taken her photography more seriously.  She loves shooting all types of photos but landscapes, macro, people and travel photography are her favourites (at the moment 😊).  

Vicki is excited to see where her next photography journey will take her.

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Lauren Sarah Purcell - Writer

Lauren is passionate about ethical and sustainable fashion. Her area of focus in writing for Circular Style Magazine will be workers’ rights and the effect the fashion industry has on the environment. She stands by the belief that no one is above or below us. As individuals our lives are about more than ourselves. What we wear is not just an expression of self but asks how do the materials we wear affect the world that we live in and who has made our clothing? What impact does this livelihood have on them? 
Her first year in Australia saw her set up her own small vintage clothing business which she ran for a year. She is passionate about supporting Australian ethical businesses and notes some of her favourite bohemian labels as Auguste, Spell and the Gypsy and Tigerlily as movers and shakers in the ethical and sustainable fashion industry. Her goal through working with Circular Style Magazine is to reach out to community and get people thinking and talking more about circular fashion.

When she isn’t writing for Circular Style, Lauren works in the health industry, is into yoga and hiking, a fan of poetry and gigs, nature and loves nothing more than a good glass of shiraz.