Behind the Scenes

Project number one for our new magazine was an editorial photo shoot featuring only vintage and preloved clothes, jewellery and accessories. We want to showcase the quality and variety of secondhand apparel that is out there in op shops, consignment stores, online and through other great sources like clothes swap parties!

Recycling your clothing in this way has a triple-pronged beneficial effect:

  1. No virgin resources are required for production and therefore contribute no pollution or carbon footprint
  2. Rescuing textiles from a potential life in landfill
  3. It also prevents used clothing from being exported overseas en masse where there is the potential to negatively impact local textile industries

Thanks go to our team:

  • Creative Director/ Stylist - Zoe Carabine
  • Photographers - Julie Di Camillo and Vicki Brayshaw
  • Models - Alina and Rebecca
  • Venue - No Menu, Highgate
Julie LeslieComment