An update (and random musings) from CSHQ

There's very exciting things going on here at CSHQ. A fundraiser/ soft launch event is coming up soon complete with fashion show, champagne, prizes, auctions and more. All the content for the magazine is coming in from all the fantastic contributors and I feel like this gig is really shaping up to be something special!

There are so many great, forward thinking businesses and individuals doing amazing things for the planet right now. The fashion industry, being the second biggest polluter of the planet, seems to be experiencing such a ground-swell of ethical and extraordinary change makers. Disruptors are coming to the fore to ask the right questions of the right people to really begin to effect change! It's exciting to not only watch, but to be a part of.

I had a very interesting conversation with a friend today. She works for a large mining company and we were discussing the moral dilemma of working for such an "evil" (her term, not mine) industry whilst having a strong environmental moral compass. It had weighed on her mind so much so that she had gone to speak with the company's Sustainability Manager: himself a very prominent Environmental Activist. How did HE come to reconcile such a moral quandary? The answer was so simple - one can better effect change from within, than without. From his position within the company, he sat in the boardroom with all the decision makers, the purse string holders and the profit-chasing CEOs, and he had a voice. A voice that was heard and taken seriously. And he could have an impact, far more so than anyone on the outside.

So whilst his "friends" label him a sell-out, he is, in fact influencing those who can either ignore environmental concerns, or they can approach their projects with an environmental conscience. I think I like the fact that someone from our team holds that power. 

To everyone who is along for the ride on this epic adventure, thanks for being here. Thanks for listening to me bang on endlessly about this passion project. Thanks for being my friends, my sounding boards, my voices of reason and my bottomless pit of inspiration.

Perth, get ready for Circular Style!


Picture credit goes to the fantastic 1 Million Women